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Facing Down the (Wo)Man in the Mirror

I am a big Michael Jackson fan. Jackson was a highly controversial figure obviously, but the man aside, I think most people can acknowledge he made some fantastic music.

My not quite favorite song is “Man In The Mirror.” Whenever I hear it, I sing along at full volume and try not to cry. I feel all the feels.

I confessed to my best friend, James, a few months back about how important this song is to me. I felt a bit embarrassed about it. James told me he feels the same way about “Man In The Mirror.” He finds it inspiring and emotional. I was glad to learn I wasn’t alone.

This last week, I have been feeling very “Man In The Mirror.”

Imagine me crooning, “I’m gonna make a change for once in my life/It’s gonna feel real good/Gonna make a difference/Gonna make it right.”

That’s been me for the most of the week, at least in my head. And let’s be real, out loud too.

As I posted last week, I am working toward a bunch of goals this year. I am trying to some changes.

But to be honest, I have been discouraged, especially on the job front.

On Wednesday, I celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pretty in Pink by watching it at home. It is my favorite movie. Good music, good characters, and a good story. John Hughes at his best, in my opinion. Some of my favorite movie quotes of all time too, guys. It’s a solid movie.

So I’m watching and thinking what a badass Andy is, and how I need to be more badass. I’ve got “Man In The Mirror” swirling in my head. And of course, I’m texting James who is listening to my existential crisis patiently, as best friends do. I can’t stop thinking you need to make a change, girl.

An idea starts to crystallize in my head. And yes, it involves a hell of a lot of change. But no risk, no reward right?

I sleep on it, and call my mom the next morning. She doesn’t think I’m completely insane, or that it is a terrible idea. That is encouraging. Mom approval is a serious litmus test.

So I am going to make a big change, which will require a lot of planning and work. I started on it this week, which is part of the reason I am late with the blog.

I am alternating between excitement and terror, which I think is a good sign. I still have some pieces to get straightened out, so I can’t quite share what the new project is yet.

But making this change feels right.

This week’s video is obviously “Man In The Mirror.” Just try to not sing along.

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Writing a Poem a Day and Learning to Let Go

April is National Poetry Month. Writer’s Digest is sponsoring a Poem A Day Challenge, and I decided to participate. I have wanted to do the challenge in the past, but worried I wouldn’t be able to commit the time.

But lately, I have carved out more time for writing. I joined a new writing group and have a new writing partner. I entered some new contests and submitted more flash fiction and poetry. And as always, school is keeping me busy with writing projects.

So I am writing more. And it feels great. I know this is what I need to, if I want to be a successful writer. The rejections still sting, but it is all a part of the process. Not too sound hokey, but I have to be willing to fail, if I am going to succeed.

Back to the Poem A Day Challenge, the first day I struggled for about 3 hours to get a poem down on the page. When I write, I edit as I go, so I tend to write very slowly. But after the first day, I realized there was no way I would survive the whole month, if I was torturing myself like that. So I have been trying to let go a little, to not edit so much as I write. There is always time to go back and change things. Not every poem I write this month is going to be a winner. Sometimes you just need to write the words and move on to something else.

Here is my Day 6 poem. The prompt was to “write a things-not-as-they-appear poem.” You can view the prompt and other poet’s poems here: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2015-april-pad-challenge-day-6

Note: If you know me very well, you know Pretty in Pink is my favorite movie. This is my poem homage.

The Unbreakable Molly Ringwald

I am Molly Ringwald today, all awkward cute
with a penchant for pink. The red haired rules I break
as I saunter, daring Duckie to avoid admiring me.
He can’t, of course. I crush his tiny Duck heart in my pale fist.
I only have eyes for Blane. He may be a richie, but he’s not ruthless like
Steph, who smokes cigarettes in stairwells and oozes sex and sloth.
Blane is sweet but weak. He is be cowed by Steph, corralled
back into that rich boy pen. But I am cut from a different cloth,
one of pink polka dots. As I design my dress,
I know tonight they won’t see me fall.
Tonight I will not be something they can break.

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