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June 10, 2014

“She’s No Angel” video challenges intolerance with a shimmy

James Wilson was sitting at his keyboard in his Brooklyn apartment, when the singer/songwriter/pianist was transported back to the small town in Iowa where he grew up.

Wilson went to school with one very conservative and religious girl. He was afraid of being ostracized so he hadn’t come out yet, but this girl sensed there was something different about him. Something she didn’t like.

“I thought she was hypocritical because she was preaching about how she was a great Christian, but one of the cornerstones of Christianity is to not judge others. When people called me a sinner for being gay, it would make me question who I was. I don’t now, but it’s taken me awhile to get over that,” Wilson states.

That day Wilson penned “She’s No Angel.” It was day five of his commitment to write a song a day for one year.

Wilson fronts The Paisley Fields, a Brooklyn-based alternative-country band. The band is rounded out by trained opera singer Jessica Kimple, guitarist/sound engineer Joe Kimple, Grammy-winning percussionist Rob Knopper, vocalist Cassie Naaktgeboren and bass guitarist Ryan Pearson. The band plays a mix of country, rock and blues.

Talking to his bandmates last September Wilson realized he hadn’t written a new song in weeks. Though he is a two-time ASCAP songwriters’ award winner, he knew he needed to really dedicate himself to his songwriting. The next day, Wilson began his year-long ritual to write a song a day.

Wilson had another revelation when he stumbled across the reality TV show “Off Pitch.” The show features the Grand River Singers, an adult show choir based in La Crosse, WI. As a youth, Wilson participated in show choir.

The Paisley Fields had a show scheduled in La Crosse. The choir came to The Paisley Fields’ La Crosse performance, and Wilson realized he had found the perfect cast for the “She’s No Angel” video.

“For years, I thought it would be fun to cast a show choir dancing to one of my songs in a video. Seeing the Grand River Singers’ passion and love for music was inspiring. They were the obvious choice,” Wilson explained.

Though Wilson has struggled, he is over halfway through his year-long commitment to write a song a day.

“The hardest part is when I am just exhausted after a long day, and I have to find the stamina somewhere to create,” Wilson says. “But none of these songs would exist if I wasn’t doing that, so that’s the most beautiful thing for me.”

The video can be viewed at: The song is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Keep updated on Wilson’s songwriting process on, and follow the #songaday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Paisley Fields News Release

For Immediate Release

August 5, 2013

Gay marriage steams up new country music video

James Wilson doesn’t consider himself a political activist. But with the debut of The Paisley Field’s video for “Windows Fogged up in Your Pickup Truck,” the front man addresses one of most divisive issues of our time: gay marriage.

The video follows two handsome gay men as they meet, date, sweat up the sheets, fight and ultimately get engaged.

Wilson, the singer/songwriter/pianist for the Brooklyn-based alt-country band, is also a gay man. The song is an ode to his longtime boyfriend, and the video is a statement about gay marriage.

“With all the terrible things happening to people in our community, I felt compelled to create something that showed the world that we aren’t so different,” Wilson said. “We fall in love, and we get our hearts broken. Deep down, I think we all want the same thing.”

Some people would view Wilson himself as an anomaly, since he is both gay and a country musician. However, he points out that being a gay country musician is nothing new.

As far back as 1973, the band Lavender Country released a gay-themed country album with songs like “Back in the Closet Again” and “Come Out Singing.” The band was led by openly gay singer Patrick Haggerty.

For Wilson, starting a country band was an obvious choice. Growing up in small-town Iowa, the two-time ASCAP songwriters’ award winner grew to love country music at a young age. With his longtime collaborator Jessica Kimple, drummer Rob Knopper and guitarist Joe Kimple, Wilson formed The Paisley Fields in late 2012.

The collaboration has proved successful. The Deli Magazine and Reverb Nation both ranked The Paisley Fields one of the top ten country bands in NYC. In February 2013, the band released their debut EP, Dixie Queen.

The Paisley Fields’ Midwest Express Tour begins Aug. 11th in Cedar Falls, IA at The HuB. Their next show will be in Minneapolis, MN at Driftwood Char Bar on Aug. 12th, followed by The Frequency in Madison, WI. The tour will wrap up with shows in Lacrosse, WI and Chicago, IL.

The Paisley Fields plays a mix of country, blues and jazz. Their sound is Mumford & Sons meets The National with a touch of Patsy Cline’s heartbreaking twang.

To view the video and more information about the tour, please visit



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